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The World Leader in Rodent Control Technology®

For nearly 40 years we have dedicated ourselves to the research, development and manufacture of innovative, high quality products for the control of rats, mice, moles and other vertebrate pest species. Our parent company, Bell Laboratories, is the largest rodent control manufacturer in the world. Unlike other rodenticide suppliers this is our only business. We are 100 percent focused on manufacturing the best products in the world, and supporting them with the industry's most qualified technical and sales representatives. The products we sell we make ourselves at our facilities in Madison, Wisconsin.

We employ a team of biologists, chemists and engineers who work together to create product designs and bait formulations that provide proven performance across a wide range of rodent control applications. Our 400,000 sq. ft. facility includes a 4,000 sq. ft. state of the art animal care and research facility, which allows us to rapidly design, develop and test our products to ensure their efficacy.

Our highly automated manufacturing operations incorporate an extensive amount of vertical integration. To ensure the consistency and purity of our rodenticide bait formulations, we synthesize our own active ingredients. Heavy investments in robotics and other high speed assembly equipment allow us to deliver products of unrivaled quality while maintaining our low cost producer standards. Seamlessly integrating our manufacturing operations with our modern, efficient finished goods and shipping warehouse allows us to fill most orders within 24 hours.

We have an experienced sales team that is technically-oriented and focuses their efforts primarily on making sound recommendations that meet specific user, distributor or retailer needs. Our highly trained customer service team provides prompt, informative responses to virtually any inquiry.

No other manufacturer provides a more comprehensive assortment of rodent control solutions. Our brands are the market share leaders in each of their respective classes of trade.

If you are looking for products of uncompromising quality and time-tested, proven results, look no further. Motomco truly is the world leader in rodent control technology. Looking for Tomcat retail products?

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