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Agricultural producers face a myriad of challenges in profitably managing their operations. Productivity losses are constantly lurking and can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. A relatively common cause of such losses, rodent infestations, is also one of the most difficult to understand in terms of its economic impacts.

Motomco specializes in helping our customers identify these risks and then providing them with practical, cost effective solutions. We have a broad portfolio of field proven baits, bait stations, mechanical and adhesive traps. Our experienced sales team is highly trained and has a more technical bias ensuring that your specific situation can be diagnosed quickly and accurately. Our only measure of success is in the number customers we can assist in returning their operations to full productivity and ultimately providing them with a road map for reliable maintenance of that success well into the future.

Tomcat Titan

Tomcat® Titan Weighted Bait Station

Comes with a pre-installed custom brick so no additional securing is required. Makes implementing a rodent control program fast, simple and effective.

  • Removable Tray for easy cleaning
  • Keyed or keyless design
  • Can hold either:
    • 4 - 1 oz Bait Chunx® on 4 vertical rods
    • 2 - Tomcat Rat Snap Traps
    • 2 - Tomcat Heavy Duty Mouse Trap
SDS & Labels

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Hawk Soft Bait

Hawk® Soft Bait

Palatable formula developed for maximum rodent acceptance

  • Designed to withstand any climate: bait won't freeze, melt or mold