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Tomcat has been a farmer favorite for effective control of rats and mice for years. Tomcat baits are manufactured with food-grade ingredients and enhancers, resulting in a palatable bait with consistent results in controlling rat and mouse infestations. Containing the anticoagulant diphacinone, Tomcat is an economical bait choice for day-to-day control of recurring rodent problems. Tomcat baits have provided proven results against rats and mice for more than 20 years.

Available in Extruded Blocks, Pellets, Place Pacs, or a Liquid Concentrate.

Tomcat Bait Chunx

Tomcat® Bait Chunx

  • All-Weather Block is Mold and Moisture Resistant
  • Proven Bait Acceptance – Rodents Prefer to Gnaw on the Multiple Edges of Our Blocks
  • Can be Secured in a Bait Station
  • Tomcat Bait Chunx are 1 oz
Description Case
4 x 1 lb Rodent Block 4 32465
1 oz Bait Chunx in 4 lb Pail 4 32444
1 oz Bait Chunx in 9 lb Pail 2 32446
1 oz Bait Chunx in 18 lb Pail 1 32448
Tomcat Pelleted Bait and Place Pacs

Tomcat® Pelleted Bait & Place Pacs

  • Place Pacs Protect Bait & Fit in Tight Areas
  • Pellets are an Excellent Choice for Burrow Baiting
  • Tomcat Place Pacs are 3 oz
Description Case
10 lb Pail of Bulk Pellets 2 32345
3 oz Place Pacs in 22ct Pail 4 32360
Tomcat Liquid Concentrate

Tomcat® Liquid Concentrate

  • Liquid Concentrate Mixes with One Quart of Water
  • Ideal for Use in Areas with Competing Food Sources
  • Tomcat Concentrate Comes in 1.7 oz Pouches
Description Case
1.7 oz Pouches in 8pk Box 12 32708
1.7 oz Pouches in 50ct Case 1 32701