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Control of rodents can be difficult, even under ideal circumstances. Control of rodents in field applications can seem virtually impossible. Combine this with the fact that there are very few field rodenticides available and then consider that those products may not be labeled for the species or application your situation requires… well, you get the idea. So do we.

Motomco’s ZP Ag has provided proven results for the control of field rodents for more than 20 years. It uses the acute active ingredient, zinc phosphide. The expansive label allows ZP Ag to be used in and around a wide array of crops and, in many cases, allows for multiple application methods. It is intended for use in controlling a variety of troublesome rodent pests including ground squirrels, gophers, voles, prairie dogs, rats and mice.

P.C.Q.® Ag is Motomco’s newest bait for control of California Ground Squirrels, Meadow and Pine Voles, and Rats and Mice. It’s specially formulated pellets contain Diphacinone, a proven 1st generation anticoagulant. It allows for a variety of application methods including scatter or spot baiting and burrow baiting for Voles. It’s especially effective for controlling Ground Squirrels and Voles in and around Fruit Tree Orchards. For more information about ZP Ag, P.C.Q.® Ag and products labeled for control of field rodents, including specific product labeling, we encourage you to explore our site.


ZP® Ag

Proven effective zinc phosphide products.

  • Available in 4 forms: pellets, short pellets, squirrel oats and crimped oats
  • Most extensive label available
  • Controls a variety of pests
  • Restricted Use Pesticide

P.C.Q.® Ag

Reduce damage caused by Ground Squirrels and Voles by using P.C.Q.® Ag.

  • For control of California Ground Squirrels, Meadow & Pine Voles and Rats and Mice
  • Broad label for a variety of baiting situations and applications
  • Restricted Use Pesticide approved for sale in the following states: WA, OR, NV, MI, PA, MA, VA, NC, GA


Contains a double-strength dose of the anticoagulant diphacinone.

  • Controls ground squirrels using their natural foraging behavior
  • For sale in CA only
  • Restricted Use Pesticide