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For persons living and/or working in a rural environment, we are the "one-stop" source for all your rodent control needs. Our complete line of products - rodent baits, bait stations, mechanical and adhesive traps - and mole & gopher control products - ensures you have the right product for whatever pest problem you're facing.

Rodents are public health pests. They carry a number of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. They damage property by gnawing and leaving urine and droppings wherever they travel. We take pride in producing rodent control products that are truly effective in solving your pest problems. At Motomco, we manufacture our products in-house from start to finish at our facilities in Madison, WI. Doing so allows us to provide the highest quality rodent control products at an extraordinary value to our customers.

No matter what type of rodent problem you have, Motomco has the solution!

SDS Sheets

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Tomcat with Bromethalin Meal Bait

Tomcat® with Bromethalin Meal Bait

An exclusive oat and grain formula that’s extremely attractive to rodents.

  • Palatable, versatile choice for rodent control
  • Excellent choice when competing food sources are available
  • Can also be used to bait active rodent burrows
Tomcat Rat Killer II

Tomcat® Rat Killer II

Tomcat Rat Killer II meets the EPA's highest standards. The refillable bait station is both child and dog resistant and proven to be weatherable allowing both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Contains 1 Refillable Rat Bait Station with 15 - 30 g Bait Refills
  • Clear Lid for Easy Monitoring
  • Refillable Bait Station is Easy to Load