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How We Can Help

Motomco's focus on rodent control products lets us tailor our manufacturing, product development and sales/marketing efforts to the varying needs of our retail partners. Working with our sales team, we use a fact-based system to analyze each retail partner's current program and to provide recommendations proven to enhance category sales and profits. Our system incorporates three key facets to ensure success:

  1. Category Review & Evaluation

    Motomco's Category Review & Evaluation is a systematic approach, based upon observed industry "Best Practices," to identify and maximize rodent category potential. We feel it's crucial to begin the process with this careful review in order to achieve ultimate success of any program.

  2. Product Identification & Support

    Once the Category Review & Evaluation has been completed, your Motomco representative will then select/recommend the specific products within each rodent product segment that will maximize category results. We base our SKU selections on both your specific store requirements, as well as your customer demographics and purchase patterns. This helps you consistently obtain the most productive product assortment.

  3. Tracking & Monitoring

    Motomco's involvement does not end with the implementation of a program. In fact, the partnership really just begins at the tracking and monitoring point. Each program is evaluated, reviewed, discussed and adjusted, where necessary, to ensure ongoing category success and to take advantage of future opportunities.