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P.C.Q.® Pelleted Rodent Bait

Restricted Use Pesticide

Don't let ground squirrels damage your property! Ground Squirrels are burrowing pests. They destroy crops by eating their roots. Their constant digging damages levees, ditch banks, and road systems by reducing the stability of the ground above. As a result crops are ruined, property is destroyed, and livestock are injured. Tomcat's P.C.Q. Pelleted Rodent Bait is formulated to be attractive to ground squirrels as a food source. These double-strength diphacinone pellets are proven to be an effective solution to ground squirrel infestations. Ground squirrels naturally forage for food, making pellets an ideal bait form for control.

Contains a double strength dose of anticoagulant diphacinone

  • Specially formulated to target ground squirrels.
  • Controls ground squirrels using their natural foraging behavior.

Download a full ground squirrel life cycle management calendar

Description Order
25 lb Pail* of Bulk Pellets 32570
12 lb Pail* of Bulk Pellets 32568
50 lb Bag* of Bulk Pellets 32579

*For Sale in CA Only