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P.C.Q.® Ag Pelleted Bait

Restricted Use Pesticide

Reduce damage caused by Ground Squirrels and Voles by using P.C.Q.® Ag.  The broad label allows use against a variety of pests and gives users the versatility to address multiple applications, including:

  • Bait Stations: Approved for use YEAR-ROUND in secured, tamper-resistant bait stations
  • Spot Baiting during a non-bearing phase around California Ground Squirrel burrows and runways
  • Burrow Baiting for Meadow and Pine Voles in Fruit Tree Orchards (after harvest), as well as industrial, commercial and residential areas
  • See product label for a full list of approved application sites

P.C.Q.® Ag is specially formulated for maximum palatability to compete with natural food sources in the field.  It uses Motomco’s advanced preservation system, yielding a pelleted bait that is highly durable, weatherable and moisture-resistant.

Description Order
25 lb Pail* of Bulk Pellets 32325
50 lb Bag* of Bulk Pellets 32351

*Restricted use pesticide registered for sale in 9 states: Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia.