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ZP® Ag™

Restricted Use Pesticide

ZP AG is a zinc phosphide product for the control of a variety of pests in crop and rangeland applications. ZP AG has a full U.S. E.P.A. label, which allows for the broadest range of pest and crop applications. ZP AG’s proven formulation competes with the pest’s natural food source, making it an effective and economical way to control rodents and other vertebrate pests, including ground squirrels, voles, gophers and prairie dogs, in a variety of baiting locations. It can easily be applied by hand, air, spreader or burrow builder.

  • Proven pellet structure leads to reduced crumbling and dust
  • Versatile label
    • Ability to broadcast in orchards, grass grown for seed, vineyards, sugarcane, alfalfa, nurseries, and many other applications.
    • Controls a variety of troublesome pests, including ground squirrels, gophers, mice, rats, voles, and prairie dogs.
    • Hand baiting in non-crop areas for ground squirrels and voles.
    • Can be applied by hand, air drop, spreader or burrow builder.
  • Supported by a nationwide network of technical field representatives
  • Available in 3 forms:
    • Pellets (Regular or “Short”)
    • Crimped Oats
    • Squirrel Oats
Description Order
50 lb Bag of Pellets 36095
50 lb Bag of "Short" Pellets 36096
45 lb Bag of "Squirrel" Oats 36081
33 lb Bag of "Crimped" Oats 36087